PIVOT II: An exhibition of artist books, Catalogue of Works, Onespace Gallery,  Dec 20 – Jan 21
Depart, Exhibition Catalogue, Onespace Gallery,  Dec 20 – Jan 21

Greenback, Exhibition Catalogue, Onespace Gallery,  April 2019
Greenback, Exhibition Catalogue, Mars Gallery,  December 2019

When the going gets turf, The Brisbane News, March 2015
Gardens of Earthly Delight, The Courier Mail, March 14, 2015
Y-Fibre, Exhibition Catalogue, Ewart Gallery, March 2015

Surf and Turf, Exhibition Catalogue, Gold Coast City Gallery
Tangible, Exhibition Catalogue, Pine Rivers Art Gallery
The Gathering II: A survey of Australian Sculpture, Exhibition Catalogue, Wangaratta Art Gallery




Art and Space_U On Sunday_Sep 30_2012


Chess Moves into Weird World of Art_The Courier Mail_Mar 5_2011
Nature interrupted_2011
Seeing Di Mauro_Art Monthly_May_2011
Creditable Consolidation
Australia Felix_2011
Shared Vision_2011
Your Move_2011
A Verdant Heart_2011


Artist on board with piecework_The Australian_Oct 28_2010
Artist on board with piecework_The Australian_Oct 28_2010


Art Guide Nov:Dec 2009
Sullivan and Strumpf (2009)


Sculpture a true folly_Bendigo Advertiser_29Nov_2008
The Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award (2008)
Artworker Issue 02 (2008)
Bias Bound
Evergreen 2008


Suburban Abstraction 3 (2007)
Visionary duo_Brisbane News_Mar:April_2007
Archimedes’ Bath 2007
Aust Art Collector April:June 2007
Cultivating Lawn ‘Rare Art’_The Observer_Feb03_2007
Gadens Lawyers 2007
Public Art Winner_Griffith Gazette_2007
GC Art Prize 2007
Sullivan and Strumpf 2007
UAP_15 Years


Are They Nuts?
art beat_experience brisbane
Float 2006
Who puts icing on the cake_The Australian_Sep28_2006
Anger over art spending_The Sunday Mail_Oct8_2006
Brisbane Magazine
Colonial to contemporary 2006
A portrait of a family at work
Elements of Abstraction


Artist Captures Suburbia in Grass_Newsmail_09Sept_2005
Enigmatic 2005
Launch at 33 Charlotte Street heralds the ‘Art State’ (2005)
Suburban Substractions 2005
The Sunday Mail 2005
Art for Arts Space 2005
From House to Home 2005
Making the Journey 2005
The Helen Lempriere Sculpture Award Catalogue (2005)
Mar:April Architecture Australia 2005
A Matter of Time_2005
May:June Architecture Australia 2005


Draw you own conclusion on whats public art_The Courier Mail_Dec 10_2004
The Brisbane News _Mar_2004
33 Charlotte St_2004
Brisbane News Feb 2004
Courtly Art Judged_The courier mail_
Engagement Art + Architecture
Suburban Abstractions_2004
The Brisbane News_Aug_2004
Rome Studio 2004
By Male Order_2004


Artists Gives Students a Helping Hand_Griffith Gazette_aug 2003
Bogus Art? Bogus Life!
Drift Catches the General Argument_The australian_Aug 7_2003
High Art Has Wings_City News_Aug 14_2003
Bogus Art_The Courier Mail_June7_2003
McClelland Survey and Award 2003
The Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award_2003


Bigger is Best_West Side News_2002
Courier Mail 2002
Feast for all the senses_Townsville Bulletin_2002
Griffith Gazette 2002
Over and Over
The Daily Examiner 18June 2002
Turf Art Flirts with meaning
Art Prize
Building Beauty into Landscape 2002
National Sculpture Prize and Exhibition 2002
Renaissance 2002
The Courier Mail 27June 2002
The Shape of Air
Sculpture by the Sea
Have a Look


Art on the rise_The Courier Mail_24Nov_2001
Artlink 2001
Glory Be_The Brisbane News_Mar_2001
Retail Therapy_Object_2001
Sculptors society bulletin_2001
Sculptors win top commission
The Sydney Morning Herald_ 5Dec_2001
The Weekend Australian 8-9 Dec 2001
A Design Odyssey_2001
Conrad Jupiters Art Prize_2001
Off to the Skip with Junk Art_ The Courier Mail
Retail Therapy_2001
Canberra Times_Dec 8_2001


Dominus Vobiscum_2000
Liturgy News_Sep_2000
Sculptures as Furniture_South_East Advertiser_Sep 20_2000
World’s Apart_Brisbane News_Jan_2000
Australian Wood Review_2000
Against the Grain_2000


Colourful Palate_Gold Coast Bulletin_Nov 11_1999
From Manila Back to Cairns_Cairns Post_Apr 9 _1999
June 26_1999
Mixed Media_1999
Sebastian Di Mauro- Towards a Soul Ecology_Arts International_No. 26_1999


Barfly_Cairns Weekly Entertainment Magazine_Oct 15_1998
Near Death Influences Art_City News_Sep 17_1998
Oil and Sugar do Mix_The Cairns Post_Oct 2_1998_
Pane e Zucchero_1998
Revelations of art and soul_The courier mail_sep 7_1998
Sugarcoated Narrative_The Cairns Post_Oct 9_1998


Das Subjekt_1997


Brisbane News_28 Feb-3 Mar_1996
deluge of Youthful Talent_Courier Mail_Apr 27_1996
Rolling Column – Peter Anderson_ABR_Nov_1996
The Spiritual Dimension to Contemporary Art_The Canberra Times_Aug 31_1996
The Sydney Morning Herald_Nov 22_1996
Brisbane News_28 Feb-3 Mar_1996
Graduate Yearbook 1996
Skin 1996


Artist-Book Takes Art to the People_The Chronicle_Oct 14_1995
Dawne Douglas, Sebastian Di Mauro, Michael Liddle_Eyeline Issue 27_Aut:Win_1995
Sebastian Di Maura and Fay Aldred_Eyeline_Vol 29_Summer_1995
The Paper Chase 1995
Downlands Toowoomba 1995


Noosa’s walk-through art experience_Noosa News_Oct 18_1994_pg19
Questioning Assumptions_The Canberra Times_Apr 6_1994
State of the Art Issue 10 Sep-Dec 1994
River Styx 1994


An area of magic, ritual and mystery_The courier Mail_Oct 23_1993
Art Imitates Death_Griffith Gazette _Vol 8_No 3_May 5_1993_pg7
Art work focus on after-life_South-East Advertiser_Oct 27_1993
Crossings 1993
Cultures Crossing over through art_Courier Mail_July 8_1993
Praeparatio Physica _1993
Environment 1993


Graduate Exhibition 1992


All Kinds of Art in Childers Exhibition_Chronicle Apr 2_1990
Art Exhibition puts Childers Gallery on the map_Chronicle April 3_1990
Imbalance mars cross-over show_The chronicle_Sep 18_1990
Logan Art Winners_Reporter_Oct 9_1990
Logan Art Winners_The Albert and Logan News_Oct 19_1990
MOCA Bulletin_Sep_1990
Show rebuffs myths of arrogant ockerism_The Courier Mail_Sep 4_1990
Space 90 1990
The Courier Mail_Sep 4_1990
IMA Group Show 1990


An Italian Exhibition
Around Brisbane_1989
Around Brisbane_MOCA Bulletin_May:June_1989
Passage Invite
Sebastian Di Mauro_Passage_1989
The Edge_Belle_June:July_1989
Utopia from the Abstract_The Courier Mail_Apr 5_1989
Time in Motion
Gridding a Grid


The Courier Mail_Oct_1988


Sebastian Di Mauro_Roz MacAllan Gallery
Art Review
Sunday Sun_Apr 12_1987
Sunday Mail_Apr 26_1987